What other peoples have said about Ganimede…

Joey Thoi:
“From what I saw so far with Ganimede, I think it’s the best Webspeed alternative available and I will support you guys all the way. This version of Ganimede is straight forward! Well done!”

D. Knol:
“I think Ganimede is a great product. It works almost flawlessly.

Petr Vavrinec:
“The full-fledged open-sourced nature of Ganimede opens new, exciting possibilities. Ganimede has the potential to easily outperform WebSpeed.

Doug Lucy:
“Adding web functionality to your Progress system can cost you zero if you start with the free WebSpeed replacement called Ganimede. Add a cheap Linux box and Marian Edu’s free web product and you’re ready to serve up a limited amount of Progress-generated web pages.

Darren Parr:
“Marian’s solution Ganimede is one of the best approaches at an alternative as it utilizes the socket functionality in 9.1D.”

Jurjen Dijkstra:
“A couple of months ago I have evaluated Ganimede. Well, actually I have just played with it for a while and I am very impressed with what you have achieved! I just wanted to congratulate you with Ganimede. Great job!”

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