Ready to use

Now you can start using Ganimede broker you just have configured.You will use Ganimede’s shell application to control the broker: start: gnm_adm –start [broker name] debug: gnm_adm –debug [broker name] stop: gnm_adm –stop [broker name] restart: gnm_adm –restart [broker name] status: gnm_adm –status [broker name]* You should always check the result in the log file, if not all databases needed are available the broker will stop. Debug option is only available for Win32 platform, there isn’t any Progress debugger available for Unix just yet. If all was going well you should be able to use your web-based application by entering the following address in your browser.http://[]/cgi-bin/gnm_cgi/[broker]/[app entry point]

  • http://[]/cgi-bin/gnm_cgi/[broker]/ping
  • http://[]/cgi-bin/gnm_cgi/[broker]/gnmstatus
  • http://[]/cgi-bin/gnm_cgi/[broker]/devstudio
  • *on Unix platform the messenger’s cgi is gnm_cgi, on Windows is gnm_cgi.exe.
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