The messenger configuration at this time can only be made by manually editing the configuration file ‘gnm_cgi.conf’, this will be fixed soon.Every broker defined should have a corresponding line in the messenger configuration file, the format of this line are as follow:broker name@broker host:broker port[:time-out][:packet size][:host filter option]First three of them are mandatory, the others are optional and have the following meaning: communication time-out (in seconds) communication packet size (multiple of 1K) client filtering option0 – don’t filter client1 – global allow clients (allow only clients present in ‘’)2 – global deny clients (deny all clients present in ‘’)3 – local allow clients (allow only clients present in ‘broker’)4 – local deny clients (deny all clients present in ‘broker’) error reporting option0 – don’t use custom error reporting1 – use global error file (‘gnm_cgi.err’)2 – use local error file (‘broker name.err’)

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