Ganimede configuration has two distinct parts – broker and messenger configuration.While messenger configuration can only be done at this time by editing the configuration file, the broker part of configuration can be done using Ganimede’s shell application ‘gnm_adm’ with the ‘–configure’option followed by the name of the broker that you wish to configure.This is a simple Chui console application and I don’t plan to switch to some fancy GUI interface in the nearly future. It basically prompt you with various menu option you can chose from by simply pressing the corresponding number taste and in the case you want to change a value you are prompted for it, at the end it will prompt you whether or not to save your changes.If you are editing a already defined broker you’ll see current values for each settings, if you don’t want to change one value just press ‘Enter’when prompted to replace them.The DLC setting are global for all brokers and should only be changed in the case when you’ve re-installed Progress in other location.There is another global setting that you don’t manually edit, UTC – the time difference in hours between local time and GMT time.The configuration files are located in ‘conf‘ directory under the application root, ‘ganimede.conf‘ for broker settings respectively ‘gnm_cgi.conf‘ for messenger configuration. These informations should be listed on CONFIGURE file from the distribution.

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