Ganimede is trying to be an open-source alternative for WebSpeed, through this not means that is a free version of WebSpeed but it can help you to get started with opening your Progress application to the web.

Conceptually Ganimede use the same approach as WebSpeed using one broker and more already connected agents instead of starting a new agent for each client request. The broker and agent’s processes are Progress procedures running in batch that use sockets communication in order to accept and serve the clients requests. Other components are written in ANSI C this make Ganimede practically OS independent empowered by a distributed architecture that give you the complete freedom on where application components are located. Ganimede accept multiply brokers definition which are configurable form one unified configuration file; configuration option are available in the Ganimede shell. The program’s execution is limited to the sources from WebSrcPath; logging messages and error reporting page layout are localizable; clients access can be filtered upon access/deny basis at the broker level or at the messenger level; binaries files can be streamed directly through the messenger without using the broker.

A short PowerPoint presentation is available for download here… for more detailed material see the documentation section.

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